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    A Cat with his Chair


    Image: 3.75×2
    Paper: 7×4.75

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    A Friend Loyal and True

    Mackenzie Thorpe

    Image: 16.25×20.25
    Paper: 24×32

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    L’Orange, Auguste

    Image: 19×28
    Paper: 23.5×32.5

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    Yvonne Davis

    Image: 23.75×4.75
    Paper: 28×9.5

    Ltd ed 17/350 — signed lower right

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    Steve Hanks

    Image: 36.5×18
    Paper: 39.5×22.5

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    Boudoir Cat by Meg Dawson

    Meg Dawson

    Limited edition hand etching, 70/100, by artist Meg Dawson. Print features a black cat on a salmon bed in a room with delightful prints of flowers hanged on the walls of the far corner and an inviting chair in the foreground.

    Image: 3.75×4.75
    Paper: 10×11

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    Bouquet et Chat

    Suzanne Valadon

    Image: 18×34
    Paper: 23.5×35.5

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    Cat Lovers

    Peter Barger

    Image: 9.5×3.25
    Paper: 15×9.5

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    Cat Nap

    Doyle, Raenelle

    Image: 3.5×3
    Paper: 10×9.75

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    Cat with Carpet by Meg Dawson

    Meg Dawson

    Limited edition 52/130. Dated 1986, signed and titled by Meg Dawson along bottom border of print. A black cat, similar to the one in her “Boudoir Cat,” sits on a carpet that is as interesting for its patterns as it is for the angle at which it’s presented to us. A sofa in the background with a cross …

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    Chat Noir

    Rodolphe Salis

    Image: 26.5×38.5
    Paper: 27.5×39.5

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    Enid Groves

    Image: 3.75×7.75
    Paper: 8×12